Spine Care

Our spine team is focused is on exhausting non-operative treatment to relieve your neck or back pain. If those efforts fail to provide relief, and surgery is indicated, we strive to offer less invasive, non-fusion, and/or motion-sparing options.

Patient receiving treatment for spine pain

Conditions such as degenerative disc disease, herniated disks and spinal stenosis may respond to physical therapy and therapeutic injections to impose the health of the joints and the connective tissue. Conditions causing pressure on the discs and spine may respond well to spinal decompression. Medication can be used for minor pain conditions and infections. Exercise and physical therapy can be used to treat many types of spinal cord injuries, while medication and rest may be all that is needed for a minor injury.

Our Spine Center physicians treat nearly every kind of condition, including:

  • Spinal Cord Injury — spinal trauma of the neck and back

  • Spinal Tumors and Infections —tumors or infections that affect the back or grow on the spine

  • Spinal Stenosis — narrowing of spaces in the spine and pressure on spinal cord

  • Degenerative Disc Disease —loss of cushioning discs between the spinal bones due to aging or injury, which can include a ruptured disc

  • Herniated Discs — spinal disc pushing through its exterior casing, or a bulging disc

  • Adult Degenerative Conditions of the Neck and Back, Including Scoliosis — additional degenerative conditions of the bones and ligaments of the neck and back that occur due to aging

Depending on the diagnosis and other factors, treatment for your back, spine and neck can include: medication, pain management, physical therapy, exercise, or surgery