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Hand & Wrist

Surgery Solutions

Hand and wrist surgery treats conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative arthritis or post-traumatic arthritis. These conditions often can be relieved by advanced reconstructive surgeries, including hand and wrist fusions or hand joint replacement procedures for the wrist, thumb and fingers.


Specialized treatments and surgical procedures include:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Distal Radius Fracture

  • Flexor Tendon injuries

  • Hand Fractures

  • Compartment Syndrome

  • A fracture.

  • A badly bruised muscle

  • Crush injuries

  • Anabolic steroid use

  • Constricting bandages

  • Finger Fractures

  • Ganglion Cyst of the Wrist

  • Trigger Finger


Meet the Doctor


Dr. Ward my surgeon and Rachael my Occupational Therapies saved my arm and hand. When I fell it was one of the worse (3) spiral breaks anyone had ever seen and they didn't think I would be able to get full use back. Not only did I get it back , I got it back in just 4 months. I HIGHLY recommend DR Ward and this entire practice.

– Ellen B.

Patients Say

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