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Orthopedic Services

Our practice offers a complete range of orthopedic services under one roof to treat nearly any musculoskeletal condition or injury and provide seamless continuity of care.

General Orthopedics

Our orthopedic specialists routinely diagnose and treat a wide range of common musculoskeletal injuries and conditions

Man suffers a torn ligament while exercising

Sports Medicine

Our sports medicine specialists are experts in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of common injuries that occur during sports or exercise.

Joint Replacement

For joint pain that hasn’t gotten better with nonsurgical treatments, we can replace shoulder, knee, and hip joints to restore your quality of life.

Senior has trouble standing due to severe osteoarthritis
Woman experiencing pain of the cervical spine

Spine Center

A multidisciplinary team of spine specialists work closely together to provide the most effective treatment for neck and back pain.

Physical Therapy

Our team of experienced therapists will get you back to 100% with an individualized treatment plan for you in a fun and upbeat environment.

Physical therapist leads senior in strength-building exercise
Woman grabs her knee due to a painful orthopedic condition

Pain Management

Our pain management team evaluates each patient for a wide range of treatment options with the ultimate goal of providing true pain relief.

On-site X-ray

For your convenience, we have digital x-ray machines at both of our office locations and a team of experienced radiologic technologists.

Doctor views digital x-ray of a patient’s shoulder
Orthopedic surgeon prepares for a surgical procedure

Surgical Center

We offer many different outpatient procedures, such as carpal tunnel surgery, and therapeutic injections in our AAAHC-accredited facility.

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