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Ne'shaynna Campbell: Welcoming patients with friendliness and sincerity

April 2022

Our orthopedic practice has a 98% patient satisfaction score, which we’re obviously proud of. As you'd expect, patients base their ratings on the quality of their medical care, but their sentiment is also heavily influenced by how our staff makes them feel as a patient.

When it comes to making a great first impression, our team of Patient Service Specialists delivers 100%, treating patients with kindness and respect. Ne'shaynna Campbell is one notable example, welcoming patients at the front desk with friendliness and a sincere willingness to help. Patients may also hear her friendly voice over the phone when they call to make an appointment.

Keep reading to learn more about Ne'shaynna:

Q: How long have you been working at Blue Ridge Orthopaedic?

8 months

Q: What is your job title?

Patient Service Specialist

Q: What does your job entail?

Checking patients in and out, going over paperwork, putting a smile on patients face, and more. Q: What do you like most about your job?

Everyday is different, getting to interact with different personalities, and constantly being busy Q: What is the best career lesson you’ve learned so far?

Take your time, take a step back, and breathe Q: What would you do (for a career) if you weren’t doing this?

Labor and delivery nurse Q: What profession would you definitely NOT like to do?

Accounting, I don't like math. Q: What county do you live in?

Culpeper Q: What do you like best about your county?

A lot of local businesses and it's still new to me so I'm constantly exploring. Q: What is your favorite local business?

I don't have just one, however the small owned restaurants never seem to fail me. Q: What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

Hang out with my husband, family, and friends. Q: What’s a fun fact about you many people may not know?

My name is my mother and fathers combined :) Q: Where’s your favorite place in the world?

Home, I like to be comfortable. Q: What is your motto or personal mantra?

Live each day like it's your last and Never take things for granted. Q: If you could meet anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Maren Morris, she's so bubbly, sweet, and makes amazing music that anyone can relate to. Q: Three words to best describe you:

Straightforward, optimistic, and humble Q: What is the one thing you can’t live without?

My family, cats, and food Q: What is the most recent TV show you binge watched?

Selling Sunset Q: What is the best movie of all time?

The Notebook Q: If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Read minds, be invisible, or just the ability to wish for things Q: What is one food that you cannot resist?

Boneless mild wings Q: If you could snap your fingers and become an expert in something, what would it be?

Hmmm, not sure. Probably a lot of things. Q: What’s the best advice you were ever given?

Be thankful for anything that happens, good or bad. There are people who have it worse than you. Q: Are you a dog person or a cat person (or neither)?

1000% CAT


The information on this blog should not be considered medical advice regarding diagnosis or treatment recommendations.


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