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Wendy Martin-Shuma
Photo by Beth Miller-Herholtz

If Wendy Martin-Shuma looks familiar, it’s because she’s the lead singer for the popular Silver Tones Swing Band based here in Fauquier County. Over the past eight years, the band has performed frequently at events in the region. Even now, during the pandemic, the band continues to perform 1940s-era big band hits (and music from other decades) to virtual and socially-distanced crowds.

What you might not know about Wendy is that she suffered from extreme hip pain for four years. Having been born with a condition called hip dysplasia, the time had finally come — at the early age of 47 — for a double hip replacement, which was performed at Blue Ridge Orthopaedic.

“Dr. Ramser definitely changed my life,” Wendy says. “I am pain-free now and living a much more full life. He’s a wonderful surgeon!”

We’re thrilled Wendy’s quality of life has improved dramatically, as it has for countless other hip patients over the past 43 years. She can now perform on stage, walk up an incline, and even go hiking with her husband without pain.


The information on this blog should not be considered medical advice regarding diagnosis or treatment recommendations.


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