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Physical therapist's magic helps patient recover from painful shoulder injury

Joey Barredo, PT, helped Annabelle Cambier restore the movement and strength in her shoulder so she could return to her active lifestyle

As Annabelle Cambier can attest, orthopedic injuries tend to be particularly disruptive for people who are passionate about fitness and health. Annabelle was an avid swimmer, tennis player, and runner before a shoulder injury upended her active lifestyle. The pain forced her to quit swimming and playing tennis completely, and even required her to cut way back on running. Everyday activities were also hindered by her injury. “I just could not lift anything out of the cupboards or move my arm behind my back,” she says.

While there’s never really a good time for an injury, Annabelle’s timing — just prior to the pandemic lockdowns of 2020 — was especially bad. She lived with the injury for a year until she was able to get vaccinated, then called to make an appointment with Dr. James Ward, who had treated her broken arm a few years prior. Diagnosed with a SLAP tear and impingement, Dr. Ward discussed with Annabelle her treatment options. “Dr. Ward is brilliant at creating recovery plans that will insure not only function, but true fitness,” she says.

The recovery plan? Not surgery. Annabelle instead began physical therapy, with Joey Barredo, PT, of Blue Ridge Physical Therapy, leading her through specific exercises to restore the movement and strength in her shoulder. He also made certain she knew how to do the exercises safely at home. “Joey Barredo did the magic. His conscientious treatment and advice all during my sessions made the healing happen even faster,” she says.

Annabelle now has a full range of motion in her shoulder and is able to run with natural arm movement again. She continues to build strength in her shoulder so she can get back to swimming and playing tennis.


The information on this blog should not be considered medical advice regarding diagnosis or treatment recommendations.


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