High school sports live streaming now available

We’re proud sponsors of our local high school sports teams and excited that live streaming is now available for Fauquier, Liberty, and Kettle Run high schools. Video cameras set up at the schools' main gymnasium and sports field capture all of the games, which are available to watch live or “on-demand” on the NFHS Network.

Since attendance at these events is currently restricted due to COVID-19, the live streams provide an opportunity for a greater number of people to watch the games. We actually think we could get used to watching the games from the comfort of home and hope it will become a permanent offering.

Football, volleyball, basketball, and soccer are among the sports that will be available to watch. Baseball, softball, track, and tennis will not be available.

Many other schools in our district also provide live streaming on the NFHS Network, so a subscription will get you access to nearly every game of the season. A monthly subscription is $10.99.

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