Kate Matthews

Kate’s experience as a PA-C includes 15 years in orthopedics, treating patients for all types of urgent and chronic conditions

With the addition of Kate Matthews, PA-C, our total number of practitioners has grown to 16 (10 physicians + 6 physician assistants). She brings 17 years of experience — 15 of which are in orthopedics — to a team of physician assistants with nearly 100 years of combined experience (95 years between the six of them, to be exact).

Kate’s background as a PA-C includes clinical care at multi-specialty practices where she has treated patients for all ranges of urgent and chronic orthopedic conditions. “I love helping people get back to enjoying their favorite activities, as well as educating my patients on their diagnosis and treatment options,” Kate says.

Her experience also includes post-operative care and surgical first assisting for a wide range of orthopedic surgeries and procedures.

Kate’s other passion is being a mom, as a soccer mom for her son and a Girl Scout leader for her daughter. She recently moved back to Virginia, having been away for 16 years. “I fell in love with the Blue Ridge Mountains while I was at JMU and have always wanted to work somewhere around them,” she says.

Visit Kate’s physician assistant profile page for additional details.

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