Knee Therapy

Specialized Treatment

Sports medicine, joint replacement therapy, gait and balance training, and treatment of orthopedic conditions of the shoulder, knee, hip and ankle all take place in our physical therapy gym. Our physical therapy team specializes in knee therapy. 


A Healthy Knee

A healthy knee joint bends easily. Cartilage, a smooth tissue, covers the ends of the thighbone and shinbone and the underside of the kneecap. Healthy cartilage absorbs stress and allows the bones to glide freely over each other. Joint fluid lubricates the cartilage surfaces, making movement even easier.


A Problem Knee

A problem knee is stiff or painful. Cartilage cracks or wears away due to usage, inflammation, or injury. Worn, roughened cartilage no longer allows the joint to glide freely, so it feels stiff. As more cartilage wears away, exposed bones rub together when the knee bends, causing pain. With time, bone surfaces also become rough, making pain worse.